What are we going to name

Baby Girl?

It took a lot of time to agree on a name. Before she was born we decided to name her Samantha. It was a name we both liked. It was neither of our favorites, but we still liked the name. We agreed, however, that if she didn't "look like" a Samantha, we were going to have to come up with another name.

Well, as it turned out, she didn't look like a Samantha. So now what!? For the first day or so, she was called "Baby Girl". We wrote a list of names on the board and tried to pick one. We had Alexandra, uh... (Christi, help!) Adam was even reconsidering one of Christi's favorites: Madison. But Christi came up with Alyssa. We both liked it and after "trying it out" for a few hours, we made it official.

The middle name came from a tradition on Christi's side to have the middle name Marie.