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May 29, 2004


Ok, here are some definitions:
a lipophilic yeast found on skin and body surfaces of humans and animals. More info
any of several fungal diseases that afflict plants; commonly called dry rot or wilt. More info
genus of weed. More info
Pictures from a electron microscope
Even more info
Posted at 03:11 PM

Lexi's Allergies

Lexi had an appointment on Thursday for a skin allergy test. They had to shave off a hunk of hair to do it. But now I know what she's allergic too! Well, sorta. Here are some of the allergies: Malassezia, Fusarium, Marshelder, etc. So what are those?!

Well, I will be gettting a vial of serum to inject into Lexi to help her desensitizer to these and other allergens. Hopefully we see improvement and she can get off the drugs!

Posted at 02:27 PM



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