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June 07, 2004

Joey IS getting better!

Joey stayed at the vets until 7:00 PM on Friday when we picked her up. She came home because she was well enough not to have to go to the all-day-and-all-night emergency animal clinic. But we had to take her back in on Saturday morning. But Joey was acting MUCH better. I thought she would just go in and have the red blood cell count test done and come home, but she didn't come home. Here count was around 18% which is low. She stayed all of Saturday at the vet and came home that night. She didn't eat while at the vet, but snarfed down food when she came home. We were told we would have to again bring her in the next day, Sunday, and leave her. But we were pleasantly surprised when her red blood cell count had jumped to 25%! We got to take her home! She's one tough cookie. We will take her in again on Tuesday for another check, but things are looking up!

Posted at 09:34 AM

June 04, 2004

Joey's not getting better

Joey had a seizure today and was taken to the hospital. Her red blood cell count was even lower than yesterday. That's not good. The doctor thinks she is autoimmunic. He's going to send out a blood sample to check this, but isn't waiting to treat it. Time is against us. Here is an article I found with details explaining it much clearer than I ever could.

Posted at 05:29 PM

Sick Joey continued

Christi took Joey into the vet and she has some parasite in her digestive tract. So Joey has some pills and special food to help fight it. We're not sure where she got it, and we're not pointing fingers, but we think it happened when Christi was visiting Harlan and allowed Joey to drink rainwater out of an empty flower pot. I would've too. (shrug)

Posted at 12:28 PM

June 02, 2004

Sick Joey

I don't know what Joey got into, but she threw up yesterday and this morning. Joey didn't get up with me yesterday and today she didn't want to either. Unusual behavior for Joey. I hope she's doing better. Poor thing....

Posted at 12:23 PM



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