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April 05, 2004

Baylee needs a home

Female/7 yrs.

Baylee continues to patiently await her special forever home. She has been through a lot in
foster care, from initial nosebleeds to a Grade 2 Mass Cell Tumor on her neck. She does have a 50/50
chance of the tumors returning but is healthy and happy now. She does have some anxiety in new
situations but her foster home is working with her to improve that by taking her to group obedience
classes and into other new situations. Baylee is doing better with the "stay" command and she
now knows how to shake hands, even when being groomed! She enjoys following her foster mom around while she
is vacuuming and thinks walks and tug of war are great. Baylee would do best in a home that can
provide her a lot of love and attention AND be willing to take on the responsibility of the cancer
returning. We are actively searching for just the right home for Baylee and appreciate the love
and patience of the foster family!

Posted at 11:20 AM

August 28, 2003


From an email:
Hi, My name is Jane. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and I'm trying to find a good home for my neighbors' dog, Stormy.

My neighbors recently built a pool and Stormy has fallen in 3 times, luckily they were home when this happened. We have all come to an agreement that Stormy needs another home, the whole family is upset. The reason that he fell into the pool was because he has been diagnosed as having Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which means he will be blind within 5 months. He also has severe hip dysplasia which is being treated with Rimadyl, BID.

Stormy was born just before Valentine's Day on February 9, 2002, so he's only 1-1/2 years old. He is up-to-date on his vaccinations (given 6-25-03). Heartworm negative, fecal negative and neutered. His temperament is great, he has been around dogs and just wags his tail when my dogs get close to him. He is just a very sweet brown-eyed Golden who needs a good home. He weighs 74 lbs.

If anyone can help, please email me at k9docark @ aol.com (REMOVE SPACES before responding).
Little Rock, Arkansas
(Photos available, just send me an email)

Posted at 04:04 PM

August 18, 2003

Save some dogs in TX

Would you like to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs in Texas? Please read and sign the "S.A.ANIMAL CONTROL NO LONGER TO RELEASE ANY DOGS TO RPOA OR ANY RESCUE IN STATE OR U.S. " Petition

Thank you.

Posted at 10:29 AM

July 01, 2003

NE Humane Society Plea

This is from an email from the Nebraska Humane Socitey:

July 1, 2003

Dear Friend of the Animals,
Happy Fourth of July! This spring and summer have been a busy time for us at the shelter. Thousands of animals have already found new homes and are enjoying a wonderful second chance.

However, the animals need your help and they need it now. Many thousands more have been brought to the shelter either by their owners or by our animal control officers. We are full!!! You can help by spreading the word that the shelter has hundreds of wonderful animals available for adoption.

There are more than 100 cats and kittens waiting for new homes at the shelter. They come in every size, color and breed imaginable, they are all wonderful and they all want to go home with someone. We are also full of fantastic dogs and puppies. You or your family and friends can choose from every size, age and energy level.

Please tell everyone you know that this is a great time to adopt a new pet. If you have been thinking of adding one to your household or know someone who might benefit from the love a pet has to offer, please come in soon and adopt.

The shelter is getting too full. If we all work together, we can find a home for every one of these wonderful animals.

Please share this message with everyone you know.....

Judy Varner
President & CEO

P.S. All adult cats are half price through July 15th.

Posted at 12:01 PM

June 25, 2003

Elvis is back

From: "Donna" Subject: GSD pup in need of rescue
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:48:24 -0600

Hi folks, are any of you on any lists that might be able to help this dog? I am told GSD rescues are full but have added some GSD rescues on here in the hope they don't know about him and might have room. Elvis http://www.sfhumanesociety.com/petbio.cfm?petid=4796 is an 8 month old timid GSD pup in the Sioux Falls HS and he needs to be adopted/rescued soon.

The shelter contact is Sandy Krom, Rescue Group Coordinator, Sioux Falls Area Humane Society www.sfhumanesociety.com

mailto:sandy @ sfhumanesociety.com 605.338.4441

I have been asked to set up a transport for him from Sioux Falls to Kent, WA which is the only person so far to show any interest in this pup. He is timid, is afraid of cars and if there is anyway to get him into a rescue or home much closer to Sioux Falls, it would be more than wonderful for him. I really don't feel comfortable moving him all the way to Kent, WA but will give it my best effort if that is the only way to save his life. There are too many chances to "lose" him along the way from fright, escaping or exploding if he won't come out of his crate for potty breaks. Any help you could find for him would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time. IF YOU CAN HELP, contact SANDY at: sandy @ sfhumanesociety.com (remove spaces)

Donna SDHR NW Montana http://www.arescuemom.org/ "Adopt a rescue dog and have a shadow for life"

Posted at 12:10 PM

June 24, 2003

Two German Shorthaired Pointers ("GSPs") need Urgent Help


Help is needed for TWO GSPs.

Grand Island, NE:
Here's the link to the one in NE:


"Max", 3yo, is a solid liver color - he's beautiful.

Adel, IA:
I'm attaching a picture of the one in Iowa. If this list does not allow
pictures, email me and I'll send one directly to you, if you can help. He
looks GREAT, you'd never guess he's 13 years old. He is not neutered and I
don't know if he's too old for that. After years of devoted love and service
to his owners, he doesn't deserve to die like this in a shelter. PLEASE help
him, if you can.

No fee for rescue.
"Nick" is a 13 yo. owner surrender! Doesn't want to hunt anymore. Please,
can someone save him? He has just a couple of days left (maybe, shelter is
full to the rafters and, since he's a senior, he'd probably be the first to
go). His picture is attached and, if you can help this poor little baby, the
contact information is:
Raccoon Valley Humane Society:
Kim at RVHS 515-993-3519 PLEASE CALL, he's running out of time!
email: adelpets@netzero.net

Thanks so much,
Patty Taylor
Lincoln, NE

Posted at 09:26 AM

June 13, 2003

Dogs need a home!

This is from Patty Taylor:


I've been trying to help find homes for these two dogs since the end of
April. Is there anyone who can help?

Genny *still* needs homes for these two dogs. She's running out of time. If
you or anyone you know can either offer them foster care or adoption, please
email Genny immediately. She'll be moving around July 1 to an apartment and
must place them before then.

Both dogs are spayed and UTD on all their shots. They are good with kids and
other dogs, good temperaments. Indoor dogs.

She IS a very caring pet owner and this situation has been forced on her. She
is getting a divorce and losing her home.

If you can help, send an email directly to Genny Beck at:
glbeck7 @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)

Thanks so much,
Patty Taylor
Lincoln, NE

Posted at 09:26 AM

April 24, 2003

Bye, George

Well, George had to leave. We think he saw Joey as a meal. After going after her twice, we didn't feel comfortable having him in the house. Another foster family took him home last night.

Posted at 10:04 AM

April 21, 2003

Hi, George!

We got George! He's a really sweet dog. He hasn't eaten much, which concerns me. Perhaps he misses his girlfriend.

He doesn't much care for Joey crawling around on him, nor does he seem very playful with Lexi. Again, perhaps he misses his girlfriend.

You can check out pictures of George here.

Posted at 08:29 AM

April 16, 2003

George at 6:30

Yep, we're supposed to get George later today. About 6:30.

Christi asked a good question the other day. Why do people put quotation marks around dogs names. Like, my dog "Lexi"... I don't do that. But why do others?

Posted at 10:24 AM

April 15, 2003

Make that Wednesday.

Make that Wednesday.

Posted at 07:29 AM

April 14, 2003

Well, Tucker Bear isn't going

Well, Tucker Bear isn't going to be living with us. His owners decided not to give him up.

Instead, we're getting another dog. I don't know his name, but he should be here tomorrow.

Posted at 02:50 PM

April 11, 2003

Here's the scoop: Our new

Here's the scoop: Our new foster dog is named Tucker Bear. He is 2 years old and will be arriving between 12:30 and 1 tomorrow. The people who are giving up Tucker Bear are older and just can't give him the exercise that he needs as a playful 2 year old. I'm sure Lexi can take care of that for us. It sounds like he is very well-behaved and very playful, so I'm sure he'll fit in at the Koch zoo just fine. :)

Posted by christi at 09:17 AM

April 10, 2003

Christi called Nancy yesterday and

Christi called Nancy yesterday and we're getting a dog! Nancy had 5 dogs to choose from. Christi and her narrowed it down to two and then Christi and I picked one. What is his name? Perhaps Christi can give you the scoop.

Posted at 10:06 AM

April 09, 2003

GRRIN email

We got an email from GRRIN saying they have to turn away dogs because of the shortage of foster homes. Christi is calling today to tell them we want to foster. From the email:

Here is the April foster dog report. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Also, we are in desperate need of foster homes right now. We have had to turn many dogs away recently because there is no place to put them. If anyone can help out with fostering, please call Nancy Bowen in Lincoln at 402-327-9457

If you're interested, call Nancy! I'll personally reimburse you for the call if it's long distance!

Posted at 09:56 AM



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