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July 07, 2004

Joey's latest adventure

Check out Joey's Treasure Hunt!
Posted at 10:04 PM

June 07, 2004

Joey IS getting better!

Joey stayed at the vets until 7:00 PM on Friday when we picked her up. She came home because she was well enough not to have to go to the all-day-and-all-night emergency animal clinic. But we had to take her back in on Saturday morning. But Joey was acting MUCH better. I thought she would just go in and have the red blood cell count test done and come home, but she didn't come home. Here count was around 18% which is low. She stayed all of Saturday at the vet and came home that night. She didn't eat while at the vet, but snarfed down food when she came home. We were told we would have to again bring her in the next day, Sunday, and leave her. But we were pleasantly surprised when her red blood cell count had jumped to 25%! We got to take her home! She's one tough cookie. We will take her in again on Tuesday for another check, but things are looking up!

Posted at 09:34 AM

June 04, 2004

Joey's not getting better

Joey had a seizure today and was taken to the hospital. Her red blood cell count was even lower than yesterday. That's not good. The doctor thinks she is autoimmunic. He's going to send out a blood sample to check this, but isn't waiting to treat it. Time is against us. Here is an article I found with details explaining it much clearer than I ever could.

Posted at 05:29 PM

Sick Joey continued

Christi took Joey into the vet and she has some parasite in her digestive tract. So Joey has some pills and special food to help fight it. We're not sure where she got it, and we're not pointing fingers, but we think it happened when Christi was visiting Harlan and allowed Joey to drink rainwater out of an empty flower pot. I would've too. (shrug)

Posted at 12:28 PM

June 02, 2004

Sick Joey

I don't know what Joey got into, but she threw up yesterday and this morning. Joey didn't get up with me yesterday and today she didn't want to either. Unusual behavior for Joey. I hope she's doing better. Poor thing....

Posted at 12:23 PM

October 16, 2003

New Joey Video

A new video of my Joey getting her head stuck in a box. What a silly girl!

Posted at 03:31 PM

September 24, 2003

Joey got a hair cut

I cut Joey's hair on Sunday while Mommy was out shopping. She's kinda funny looking now. I should get a picture...

Posted at 09:14 AM

August 28, 2003

Vacation Pics

While we were on vacation, Angie and Eric stayed and took care of the dogs. Angie stopped by yesterday with *pictures*! They are cute! I'm going to post them soon. Thanks Angie!

Posted at 04:06 PM

August 04, 2003

New Joey Pictures

New Joey pictures added!

Posted at 08:08 AM

July 01, 2003

Alarm Clock

I think Joey's a better alarm clock than my real alarm clock. Joey has been waking me up just minutes before my alarm. (She must know how to read clocks!) Then she'll whine or claw at the basket. And, unlike my alarm clock, I can't tell her to snooze for 10 minutes. And since I don't want to wake Christi up, I usually get up.

Posted at 07:58 AM

June 24, 2003

Clean teeth

Lexi came back with clean teeth. The person who called Christi said everything went well and they "didn't have to pull any teeth". What!? Were they expecting too? I wasn't. Lexi's only 3 years old!

It cost a bunch, but I'm glad I did it. She'll have better teeth for the future.

Joey got her sutures out. No problems there, either.

Hi Mom!

Posted at 09:30 AM

June 19, 2003

Joey = Joe, stitches, and teeth

Well, it was bound to happen. I've shortened Joey's name to Joe. sigh...

Joey is going in on Monday to get her sutures (sp?) out. Lexi is going in to have her teeth cleaned for the first time. We both go to the dentist about once every 3 years. ;)

Posted at 02:42 PM

June 13, 2003


I had a dream last night that I was going upstairs to the bathroom and Joey was leading the way. I knew she had to pee, so I was iritated she went upstairs instead of outside. When we reach the bathroom I have to corner her to pick her up and as I'm walking to the toilet she starts peeing. I rush over to the toilet and hold her over it while she pees. Then Christi came into the bathroom and Joey was explaining what happened. I guess Joey was talking? It wasn't very clear.

Posted at 02:37 PM

Spaded Joey

Joey's no longer a "she".

She's doing fine. Yesterday she was still drugged and laid around all day, which I expected. This morning, though, she was her old peppy self, which I didn't expect.

Posted at 09:29 AM

June 10, 2003


Joey's going in on Thursday to become an "it". Yep, it's time to be spaded. I feel a little guilty. Why? I didn't feel this way when Lexi went through it.

Posted at 12:45 PM

May 29, 2003


Nothing has happened of major significance in the Koch family lately. But _something_ had to be written.

Joey lost a tooth! How cute, huh?

Posted at 02:19 PM

May 01, 2003

The wire is out

Joey's wire in her jaw was removed this afternoon. As Christi put it, "Joey can fly now without setting off the metal detectors." Yes, I guess that's true. :)

Posted at 02:57 PM

April 29, 2003

Joey's Escape

Joey has been sleeping in our bedroom at night. (She used to sleep in her kennel downstairs.) We put her in a laundry basket so she doesn't get up and soil the carpet at night. Well, this morning she wanted out of the basket. BAD. She actually tipped the basket over and escaped! She's a clever little dog. :)

Posted at 09:33 AM

April 16, 2003

Rabies and stitches

Joey went to the vet to get her rabies shot. She also had the stitches removed from her chin since they hadn't fallen out on their own.

The bone that was sticking out of her chin is gone! I don't think the skin healed over it. I think it fell out. Who knows...

Posted at 04:13 PM

April 11, 2003

Joey's back from the vet.

Joey's back from the vet. She had x-rays taken. She does have a bone sticking out. Yuk.

Posted at 01:47 PM

Christi's Joey update reminded me

Christi's Joey update reminded me of something. After the scab fell off, there was this white-ish thing under her chin. I couldn't get a good look (and really didn't want to) until last night. It's really "bone" colored. Because... (glup) I think it is. I think part of her jaw is jutting out. Ewww... I wonder what the vet will say...

Posted at 10:18 AM

Joey update: Joey goes to

Joey update: Joey goes to the vet today to get x-rays to see if she can have her wires taken out yet. More later . . .

Posted by christi at 09:26 AM

April 07, 2003

Joey's scab fell off

For those who want an update <cough>Sandy<cough>, Joey had a scab fall off yesterday. Pretty gross.

Posted at 03:34 PM

April 01, 2003

Joey's back

Joey's doing very well! She's happy and energetic and really loves her canned food. She'll be disappointed when she has to back to dry food. Lexi is being fed in a room by herself so Joey won't bother her. We're trying to be more strict with Lexi; we're not allowing her to wrestle in the house anymore, and other things like that.

Posted at 10:49 AM

February 18, 2003


Joey My wife and I got a new dog! Well, I bought my wife a Pomeranian for Valentine's Day! The dog's name is Miss Jocelyn "Joey" Pooh Bear! She was born the day before Thanksgiving 2002. (28th?)
Posted at 10:52 AM



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