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May 29, 2004


Ok, here are some definitions:
a lipophilic yeast found on skin and body surfaces of humans and animals. More info
any of several fungal diseases that afflict plants; commonly called dry rot or wilt. More info
genus of weed. More info
Pictures from a electron microscope
Even more info
Posted at 03:11 PM

Lexi's Allergies

Lexi had an appointment on Thursday for a skin allergy test. They had to shave off a hunk of hair to do it. But now I know what she's allergic too! Well, sorta. Here are some of the allergies: Malassezia, Fusarium, Marshelder, etc. So what are those?!

Well, I will be gettting a vial of serum to inject into Lexi to help her desensitizer to these and other allergens. Hopefully we see improvement and she can get off the drugs!

Posted at 02:27 PM

September 11, 2003

Costume for Lexi

Do you think Lexi would look good in this?

Posted at 02:26 PM

August 28, 2003

Vacation Pics

While we were on vacation, Angie and Eric stayed and took care of the dogs. Angie stopped by yesterday with *pictures*! They are cute! I'm going to post them soon. Thanks Angie!

Posted at 04:06 PM

July 25, 2003

Air Conditioning

Just to have something new on the page...

Lexi is funny. She knows where the air conditioning comes out of and when she's hot, she lay next to the vent and let the cold air cool her face.

Posted at 03:20 PM

June 24, 2003

Clean teeth

Lexi came back with clean teeth. The person who called Christi said everything went well and they "didn't have to pull any teeth". What!? Were they expecting too? I wasn't. Lexi's only 3 years old!

It cost a bunch, but I'm glad I did it. She'll have better teeth for the future.

Joey got her sutures out. No problems there, either.

Hi Mom!

Posted at 09:30 AM

June 19, 2003

Joey = Joe, stitches, and teeth

Well, it was bound to happen. I've shortened Joey's name to Joe. sigh...

Joey is going in on Monday to get her sutures (sp?) out. Lexi is going in to have her teeth cleaned for the first time. We both go to the dentist about once every 3 years. ;)

Posted at 02:42 PM

May 09, 2003


Do you have a guess of what attacked Lexi? One guess was a yo-yo. But that is incorrect. Make a guess here.

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May 08, 2003

Lexi's Big Scare

by Lexi D. Koch

I was walking around the house this afternoon, minding my own business when all of the sudden out of NO WHERE these funny looking round things with strings attached to them ATTACKED ME! They wrapped their long strings around my back leg and hung on for dear life. I ran all over the house, shaking my leg, knocking over every thing in my path, but nothing would get rid of these fierce beings. They were sucking the life out of me - I was a gonner! I climbed up the stairs with the last ounce of strength I had to say good-bye to Mommy and Joey, when the most amazing thing happened . . . MOMMY SAVED ME!!! She was so brave - she grabbed the horrible monster, tugged it off my leg, and I WAS FREE!!!!

The beast is still hanging around, so if you come over to our house, WATCH OUT!

I must go take a nap now . . .

Posted by christi at 03:19 PM



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